Designing Komodo 9 - Share Your Opinion

When user do not type anything/do not search - I think animation must not be shown.

It won’t, read the video description.

Sorry. Okay, this animation is fine. I believe if I start making my own skin - I can change it on my loading picture :smile:

Using, I sliced a photo of what the I was trying to communicate regarding the bottom panel. There’s lots of room to the right of the tabs. Move the line below the the up and to the right.

thanks @bmcgin, I know what you meant, I just have a little trouble envisioning it in a way that doesnt look confusing/chaotic. Your mockup is definitely more compact but its also a bit of a mess (hard to figure out whats going on). I’ll play around and see if I can come up with a decent solution.

One feature that I would like to see (it might already be there, please tell me if it is), is a way to re-size the tabs, or set a certain length for them. I often have a lot of tabs open at once in Komodo, and it gets really annoying having to press the arrows at the top to search for the tab. I would like to make them just be as wide as maybe the first two or three letters, instead of the whole filename. It would make things a lot easier with my larger projects.

You would have to use Stylish for something like that. Note that you may want to have a look at the Open Files widget, which is much more geared towards letting you manage a large amount of open files.

How you look at this “Komodo”, guys? (it’s not a original Komodo, just a photoshop work, but I’m start develop it next week)
I know about glitch with some icons, I’m fix it soon).

Share your opinion and ideas what I must edit/change/etc.

Looks good, though the borders seem a bit out of place.

I’d suggest forking Spacemodo (or adding it as a sub-skin), as it looks quite similar to that in terms of how the elements are styled.

All borders (e.g. between top tabs of opened files) or something concrete?
Now I think it’s better to remove borders between right and bottom panes, from breakpoints tab (under and over Name, Language, Condition etc)…

Yep, great idea :wink:

More design changes:



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Can we get it in the next update of Komodo 9?

Sure can. It’s already pushed so the next update will include these changes.

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