Default color scheme is terrible, and not easy to change

The default color scheme (see my screenshot) is horrible. Note how hard it is to see the scrollbar between the content and the “Find” pane. At least, I think there’s a scrollbar there. Why did you do this to us?

Meanwhile, when I try to change the color scheme, it doesn’t always work for all panes. The first several times I tried to change the color, it did not affect the Places pane. After several attempts, the changes have begun to affect the Places pane.

Please consider settling a default color scheme that prioritizes usability.

Thanks for your feedback. When you change color scheme do you change it for the interface and widgets, or just the interface? The sidebar panes are called widgets, and they can use a separate color scheme.

Also to ensure that a colorscheme is properly applied it is best that you restart Komodo, this is unfortunately due to a limitation in Mozilla, which Komodo is build upon.

When I change the color scheme and click Apply, I see a popup with checkboxes for Editor, Interface and Widgets. I was checking all three, but then, when I would click OK, and then Apply, I would briefly see that small Editor / Interface / Widgets popup appear, for a split second, and the Widgets checkbox was not checked, and then that small popup would disappear and then the changes would apply.

Take this with a grain of salt. That’s what I think I was seeing, if I remember right.

Now when I click OK in that “Apply to” window, and then click Apply in the bigger popup, I still see the “Apply to” window flash open for a split second then disappear, but now the Widgets box remains checked.

Does clicking Apply first make a difference?

“Does clicking Apply first make a difference.”
I feel like I’ve tried out all the permutations several times each. I’m pretty motivated to get this to work.

Note what I’m seeing right now, below. Keep in mind that from my perspective, the last thing I want to deal with is adjusting the color scheme. It’s too hard determining how it is going to affect all the different menus, dialogs, etc. I do not want this job. I’d much, much rather the devs just pick 3-4 color schemes and give me a choice. Do all the work for me, I’m lazy. What I’m seeing below is not the result of having changed my settings recently. I think it’s been over a week since I last adjusted the colors. I’ve used komodo probably every day, some days for many hours. And yet today I click the gear and look what I get. I would rather be coding my project. Komodo is very feature rich, and I do use a lot of the features, but you’re giving us too much control over the color scheme. In any case the default theme should be better, so I never have to even know it’s possible to adjust the theme colors. Thanks!

Actually you might have this pretty well covered. I’ve installed the community version a couple times in recent days and the “Use classic” option gives me what I want.

Note this option is present in both Komodo Edit and Komodo IDE.

Yep, the functionality is all there. I just needed to recognize I had a “classic” option in the installer. And there’s also a “classic” option in the color scheme editor.