Debugging tabs problem

Hi all,
having problems while debugging in Komodo IDE X (OSX). Remote debugging is working fine (PHP), but problem is that each debugging request (even if code is not stopped) opens new debugging tab. This is a big problem if I set a breakpoint somewhere and start debugging, but then some AJAX call is done on site. In that case I am switched to new debugging tab that doesn’t have breakpoint and where debugging session is finished right away. Then I need to switch back to debugging tab I am really debugging in. If there are a lot of AJAX calls on site, basically I can not debug because most of the time I need to go back and forth from debugging tab I am using and not useful automatically opened debug tabs.
Is there a way to disable automatically opening debug tab for each debugging call and leave it just for those debugging sessions that have breakpoints (where code is really stopped for debugging)?

By design, each debug request from your application initiates a separate debug session. You need to make it such that you’re only sending one debug request (e.g. at the beginning of the application). It seems your code is initiating remote debugging each time an AJAX call is made. Try to initiate remote debugging in prior code. I hope this makes sense.

No it doesn’t. I initiate session with ?XDEBUG_SESSION_START=1 in url. After that all php code on server is in debug session. I don’t think it’s logical to do application changes for debugging.
It’s ok to initiate new session for each debugging request, I was asking about debugger tabs in bottom pane. Problem is that new debugging session always takes focus to it’s own debugging tab. Is it possible that new debugging session doesn’t automatically focus new debugging session tab?

I see. Thanks for the clarification. It’s clear I do not know much about how to debug PHP applications, so you can ignore my previous post.

The answer to your question about debug tabs is no – Komodo will always focus a new debug tab.