Debugging Python Flask Applications in Komodo IDE

I recently purchased Komodo 9. Prior to that I was using Komodo 7.x. With Komodo 7, I was able to successfully debug a local Flask application by running Debug => Go/Continue with the default options. Then when I opened my web browser to localhost:5000, the breakpoints caught in Komodo. Everything worked perfectly.

With Komodo 9, I don’t seem to be able to hit those breakpoints via a web browser. If I set a breakpoint in the “main” application clause (where is executed), it catches just fine, but all localhost:5000 web page attempts do not break at the breakpoint. The pages just run.

Any ideas?

Please read through the Remote Python Debugging documentation to ensure that you are set up correctly.

Thanks, Nathan. That link actually doesn’t work, but I found the documentation elsewhere. Trying to work through it now, but I find it curious that thinks worked great in Komodo 7 by default, but not in Komodo 9.

Fixed link fwiw.

I agree it is curious, but I can only speculate as to why that is. Please report back if something in the documentation helped you and we’ll take it from there.

also have the same problem, because of this I almost give up komodo. set the breakpoint in views, but it doesn’t work, but if set the breakpoint in the (same as him where is executed), it works.

Hi, after playing a lot with the options, I’ve found that it’s not a problem with the debugger itself, the problem is with the debugging settings in Flask. The builtin Flask debugger could interfere with some other debuggers.

More information:

P.D. I’m not am experienced python programmer but I am looking for a good python IDE since PyCharm moved to a subscription plan, I’ve been trying with WingWare and KomodoIDE and none of them where able to run with Flask debugger enabled (not the same with PyCharm that can work with reloader and debugger enabled).

@Rodrigo_Carranza so did those instructions help you to properly debug Flask in Komodo?

Yes, It does, but you cannot longer use the autoreloader.