Debugging Option Screen

I am trying Komodo IDE for the first time. I have been using Komodo Edit while learning Ruby. I have a couple of dozen programs the work fine using the editor and command prompt. However when I use the IDE and click run it brings up a Debugging Option screen. I have not been able to find what I am suppose to enter in this screen to get the programs to run correctly. Any help would be appreciated.

You could use the keybinding “Debugger: Go/Continue - skip the Options dialog” for this. A UI option is scheduled for 9.0.

I tied your suggestion but I still get the Debug Option screen and it I click cancel it goes away but nothing else happens. If I click on OK it also goes away and I can see at the bottom of the screen "Debugging session has ended, but there is no information in Test Results or Debug Output. If I click on the Notifications tab the following is displayed "mismatched indentation at ‘end’ with 'if ’ at 7. below is the program

#!/usr/bin/env ruby

def factors_to_three(n)
remainder = n % 3
if remainder == 0
    return true
    return false


Try setting a breakpoint somewhere in your code, or use the Debug > Step in to step into the first line of code.

As it seems like your program is running successfully and it’s finished without hitting any breakpoints.

Press F5 and press “Cancel”, after that you can see “debug output” pane. Hold Ctrl and press on “Start” button (triangle) and you will skip Debugging Option dialog.