Cursor past end of line?

Is there any way to place your cursor past the end of the current line (sometimes called “virtual spaces”)? I’ve searched the Help (and this forum) and found nothing. Thanks in advance.

Could you explain your use-case?

Hi, for now you can use the console (in the bottom pane) to enable this for the current document:

scimoz = require(‘ko/editor’).scimoz();
scimoz.virtualSpaceOptions = scimoz.SCVS_USERACCESSIBLE;

If you want to enable it in all documents, you can create a userscript (right-click in the right pane and select “Add > New Userscript”) that has a trigger (“Triggers” tab) to apply “After file open”.

@mitchell THANK YOU! Your suggestion worked perfectly. This is exactly what I wanted.

@nathanr For displaying information in columns, or drawing boxes with text characters.