Colour schemes revolting, product unusable


Morning @papachumba

This is good to know. I never use the light colour schemes and no one has reported issues with it as far as I’m aware.

I noticed something when I changed the Panel property in the theme editor. The actual text in the Places pane seemed to be shaded slightly darker, or dimmed, or something, compared to the other locations that used the same setting. I wonder if it’s an errant css rule doing something special with just the Places pane (or maybe all panes). Is the Places pane the only place you’ve noticed the light theme have poor contrast?


Yes I tried changing it via the panel and noticed the same.
Additionally on all dark colour schemes the folder triangle is barely visible. This was my initial reason for switching the widgets panel to a light colour scheme.



and yes sorry only noticed the text issue on “Open Files” panel. Triangle contrast issue on “Places” panel


That’s fixed in the master branch and I guess it will be there in the next update.