Color Scheme Editor: Selecting an Item

I’m not at all a fan of the new Color Scheme Editor.

My most pressing complaint regards selecting an item.

  • The items are all listed in their colours. Since some of the colour combinations are unreadable (such as dark grey on darker grey), it is impossible to read the name until you select it.
  • When you select an item, it is highlighted in a completely different set of colours, which defeats the purpose of the first point above. Thankfully, it’s more readable.
  • The displayed item is coloured with a foreground colour as well as a background colour. When selected, many of them have only a color option, so you have to guess which colour you are changing, apply it, and test it.
  • Some of the names are downright cryptic. My biggest gripe is with Secondary Special — it took me half an hour to work out that it was what I was looking for.
  • Some of the items are used too broadly. Again with Secondary Special, I found that it was used as a background colour to highlighted text boxes, so I needed it to be light, but also to as the coloured bar under a selected tab, in which case I need it to be a stronger colour. To make it worse, this item has only Foreground, but is clearly used also as a background.

I am slowly trying to customise a colour scheme that I can work with (I am using a modified Classic for the Interface), but the Color Scheme Editor is not making it easy.

Hi, the lack of clarity in the color scheme editor is a known problem and will be addressed in a future release. Until then, Komodo Color Scheme UI sheet - Color Reference may help decipher what each color is, despite the undescriptive name.

As for the unreadable color combinations, I’ll leave it up to @nathanr to comment on.

Thanks for the feedback @manngo, I’ll take it into consideration for future UX updates.

Is there a larger version of the reference image? It’s not only the colour scheme that strains the eyes …

You can open the image in a new tab. The colors I picked are not very comfortable, but that’s because I wanted to see the difference more properly.

Ah, thanks. I appreciate the colours were to highlight the differences.