CMS/frameworks Autocomplete

Hi people! How can I add an autocomplete for Wordpress or any other CMS/PHP framework? Is this possible? If yes, how? What are the steps?


You can add WordPress source code to PHP Directories in Preferences - Languages - PHP. Komodo will scan it to provide auto completions.

Hi Defman, but I have just one project that it’s using WordPress, so the source files will be inside this specific project. Is possible add this autocomplete just for a specific project?

Hi, Project > Project Preferences > Languages > PHP > PHP Directories allows for project-specific PHP directories to scan.

Sorry Paulo, I don’t know how a WordPress project looks like (I mean the structure). Is it something like

├── app
└── source

Where’s app is the source of WordPress Engine and source is the source of your web-site that using WordPress?

Hi, I tried add the folder on Project preferences as mitchell told me, but no success… =/

Defman, the Wordpress structure is:

├── wp-admin ├── wp-content └── wp-includes

The major WordPress core files stay at wp-includes, but we can find some others resources inside other directories too. My project have this structure, original structure of WordPress.


Hmm, what’s your max directory depth for CodeIntel? (Prefs - Code Intelligence)

Humm… What do you mean with “max directory depth for CodeIntel”? I don’t understand… Sorry… (sometimes I block with my english…)

Could you please share a screenshot of this pref page?

Project > Project Preferences > Languages > PHP > PHP Directories

If this is properly configured autocompletions should absolutely work.

Perhaps you could also share what code you are trying to see autocompletions for?

Note Wordpress code is extremely baseline, Komodo should have no issues interpreting it. So this has to be a configuration issue.

Hi, here are two images, Project Preferences and WordPress structure.

That looks fine. What about an example of the code you are using that you are expecting completions for?

Edit: Actually scratch that - it says no PHP interpreter was found. You need to configure PHP first.

Great, nathanr! The PHP configuration was the problem, I defined the php.ini path and autocomplete started to work as expected!

Thank all you for help!


That’s good to know :slight_smile: