Cleaning whitespace/line endings removes bookmarks

There’s some strangeness whenever I perform a Clean Line Endings or a Remove Trailing Whitespace operation on a buffer.

If I select the entire buffer and perform an operation on that selection, any bookmarks that are set get removed. If I select a group of lines that includes one or more bookmarks and perform an operation, any bookmarks in the selection are again removed, but now a new one appears after the selection. Seems like all the bookmarks are being shoved down to the line after the selection. For the Remove Trailing Whitespace operation to exhibit this, there needs to be ending whitespace in the selection. I tested this on two separate machines that were running the same build with the same behaviour on each so it’s not as likely that it’s a machine config problem.

Am I missing something? This doesn’t seem like intended behaviour.


Build info
Komodo IDE, version 9.2.1, build 87651, platform linux-x86_64.
Built on Tue Sep 1 18:06:28 2015.

Hi @furnox, Could you file a bug?

Definitely happening for me as well. Even seems to effect quick bookmarks in the nightlies. Might be something in scintilla.

  • Carey

Yeah, our implementation is buggy. It should only be modifying a line at a time, not chunks of lines. That will interfere with Scintilla’s marker state.

Will do.


@furnox when you file a bug, please post it back in the related forum post or else other users researching this issue will have NO idea what happened.

  • Carey

Ah. Sorry.

Pas de problem sir. Just an FYI.