Change text color in selection

Hi everyone,

i’m trying to change the text color in selection on komodo ide 10

Actually i’m using Dark Color scheme editor (3024) i’d like to change the color of selected text in one more clear.


What kind of selection do you want to change? The one in the editor part or in the UI?

I want to change the text color in the editor that i select by mouse.

Actually i use black background and when i am selecting text by mouse the background color it become gray but i’d like to change it in yellow, white, green… just to have better evidence.

It’s possible?

Thanky you

Of course it’s possible.

Go to Preferences - Color Scheme.

Open Color scheme editor, pick “Editor” in top left dropdown menu and find selBack item. Change it to the color you want.

Now it’s much better… :slight_smile:
Thank you so much!

Thank you for that advice.

I’m completely amazed that selback for selected text is the same color as the background with the default color scheme. I cam very close to dumping Komodo because of this, until I found this thread after a lot of searching.

It’s not the same, but yeah, it’s hard to see the difference between these colors.

@nathanr you may want to make the selback color a bit lighter.