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I’ve got mine looking great with a dark theme and blue and green and gray fonts for keywords, functions, comments. But there is an annoyance I’d like to beg be addressed. I can’t see or find the draggable part of my scrollbar as there is not enough of a color contrast, and I can’t change the color in preferences, and…it collapses and I have to work hard to get that skinny scrollbar to show itself, and then I have to find the part I can drag. It ain’t natural guys–I know you got priorities, but pop into your code and tweak this issue assuming you can follow what I’m saying here. About mini-map, it’s a no go for me, just s@xy eye-candy that really doesn’t offer a true view–but everyone’s doing it I understand. Komodo’s mini-map makes my code jump around too much unexpectedly, takes up real-estate, so I turned it off. But I don’t want this to be about mini-map. Give me the tried and true scrollbar that is accessible, immediately 2nd nature accessible. Please and thanks! (Just noticed the skinny and hard-to-find scrollbar in the pics in this post; so I’m sure people can relate, but don’t take the time to ask for. I use page up/down to the extent I can, but there is that need to scroll smoothly/incrementally down a page of code. And there are no arrows on the bottom/top of the scrollbar that would let you move line-by-line up/down the code; one must carefully drag the draggable part of the scrollbar, or move to the keyboard and start using arrow keys.) Not complaining here! Just see a big…big…big opportunity for increased usability!

The dark skin is not for everyone, particularly if you have a monitor with a low contrast ratio. I’d be happy to look into tweaking it but it’s hard to make a dark skin work properly on all monitors.

Perhaps you could try the suggestion given here:

And further tweak it to your liking? To change the draggable portion you would want to use the following rule

scrollbar thumb {
    background-color: red !important;
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I’m open to trying the css technique to modifying the scrollbar color. I don’t know how a low contrast ratio could be a relevant issue on a very new 17" laptop (very nice screen). I didn’t reduce the contrast ratio to be sure. I think that “the dark skin is not for everyone” comment is a…tasteful politically correct answer…you’ve got scrollbar colors that don’t contrast enough with dark themes and you are suggesting I use a hack…albeit…a well organized by design hack…to fix something that should just work and look good…without tweaking efforts. I think you are great about re-classifying posts. I don’t see tweaking your UI with css to make scrollbars look good with one of Komodo’s canned themes an acceptable solution. There are times when I feel like fiddling with configurations and hacks…but mine and everyone else’s time is better spent…ugh…coding…and fixing our own bugs. Thanks for whatever you can make happen to improve what I see as a weakness (scrollbar behavior, width, color). Sincerely.

As I said I’d be happy to look into tweaking it, I was just giving you a solution that you could immediately use rather than wait for a fix. Additionally your feedback would be welcome in case you do find a color that works for your monitor so that I can see about using that for our fix. Fact is there are a LOT of display types out there, and Abyss is by design a very dark skin, which can make it hard to balance contrast on displays. That’s not meant as a political answer, but rather a factual one.

I too have the invisible thumb on scrollbar issue. The reccomendation to install stylish cannot be followed as it is incompatible with Komodo 9. Can one perhaps apply a style directly?

It’s compatible with Komodo 9.

Or install the 9.2 pre-release and use the package installer to install Stylish.

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Yep, it’s a good idea too :smiley: