Change color scheme

I figured this out, after an hour of head-scratching. Recording it here, in case others have the same problem.
Initial issue was that I didn’t like the default color scheme, and wanted to change things.
1 – make a new scheme, via edit -> preferences -> color scheme
2 – use the new scheme, via edit -> preferences -> appearance

Supposedly you can change the existing scheme in-place, but that didn’t work for me. An alternative is to skip step 1, and switch to an already-created scheme. If you were happy with the way things were once upon a time, you can switch back by selecting the ‘Classic’ scheme.
(And, yes, given the “didn’t work for me” issue, I don’t know how you’d experiment, except by tediously applying the above steps over and over, until perhaps ‘MyScheme23’ is something you’re happy with.)

Thanks for sharing, just a quick note;

You can change the current color scheme simply by… editing the colors. Komodo will warn you that the color scheme you are editing cannot be modified and will ask you to create a new one based on the current one. Simply enter a name and you’re good to go.

Also, you can press the “Apply” button in the color scheme editor in order to apply it. You don’t need to go through Prefs > Appearance in order to do that.