Can't Login to Komodo: Saving private key failed with blank error


I solve this problem in my PC with the follow actions in windows 10
Open PowerShell, move or rename the state.exe in the roaming folder.
Re-install the state tool
check the state tool works with state activate (just to check it’s working)
and exceute the Auth procedure vía PowerShell

PS C:\Users\Erik> state auth
Enter your username: morpheus747
Enter your password: ***************
Your password may have changed recently. We need to reencrypt your private-key so that you may continue using your secrets, but we need your previous password in order to do so.
Enter your previous password: **************
There is an unrecoverable issue with your existing keypair and the best course of action is to generate a new keypair.
Generate new keypair? Yes
You have successfully authenticated, hello morpheus747!

I receive some errors about the encriptation so i follow the procedure and after that the komodo ide works again.


@morpheus747, I jumped the gun deleting your comment. Your report is fine. It looks like you reset your password elsewhere, maybe the, and then you had to re-auth in the terminal.

FYI to anyone reading this. Changing your password will reset all of your user level secrets in the state tool so don’t do this unless you must.

  • Carey


Yes that’s correct i reset the password vía i forgot password in the website.
I don’t have any secret, i’m just starting using the komodo ide platform so the solution was OK to me.
But yeah. Maybe that procedure of rebuilding must be done in your background or patch the platform to process that for us.
Great day,