Can't get PHP debugging running - Failed to configure for local PHP debugging

I am presented with “Failed to configure for PHP debugging”

I have searched all forums I can and appear to be doing the correct thing - however cannot get the PHP debugger going…

Does Komodo 12 support debugging using PHP8?
I am running PHP 8.0.10 on Centos7
Komodo IDE, version 12.0.1, build 91869
I have installed.

I quite simply cannot get PHP debugging to work.

Any advice will be most gratefully accepted. Thank you.

I Have been trying for hours also to get php working with the same issues, i know its installed on the web server , just can’t get any remote connection. following for a helpful reply.

@sjlebas, there hasn’t been a new release of Komodo for a while so there are no PHP 8 xdebug bits that ship with Komodo. Thankfully it’s very easy to add them.

Add newer versions of Xdebug to Komodo

  1. get the appropriate Xdebug bits from
  2. add the appropriate PHP version folder to
    a. Linux: [Komodo install dir]/lib/support/php/debugging/
    b. OSX: [App dir]/Content/ShareSupport/php/debugging/
    c. WindoWs: The same as Linux except the additional Xdebug compiled type. eg [ts,nts]-vcX-x[32,64] *
  3. add the Xdebug binary to that new folder.

*Windows Xdebug Folder
With [ts,nts]-vcX-x[32,64]:

  • ts, nts: thread safe, not thread safe
  • vcX: compiler version used, eg VC14
  • x[32,64]: bit width of compiler used

@xXH3XYXx this thread will not solve your issue. @sjlebas is asking about local debugging (ie. debug session is started within Komodo, not from a server). You should start a new thread with details about what you’ve done to get remote debugging setup. There are more steps than installing PHP. Here are the instructions:

Hi careyh - thank you! That worked. Assistance very much appreciated :slight_smile:

Maybe I spoke too soon - now the debugger starts ok - the only catch now is that it does not stop a break points - I have had no luck in tracking down a solution to this…?

A little more information.
I have checked that the php is initialising xdebug…
php --ini shows that the additional .ini file /etc/php.d/15-xdebug.ini is being parsed to set

…and - I am debugging locally, not remotely…

@sjlebas, can you clarify how you’re starting your debug session? The symptoms you’re describing actually sound like you’re remote debugging somehow.

Hi Carey,

I may well be starting things incorrectly…

I am running on a Centos 7 linux box on my home network. I created a Komodo project, including all relevant source files, on that local Centos Machine, set a break points in the main php source file. The php script runs correctly to completion, but just does not stop at any break points.

The software in question is a standalone php script that runs, it is not part of a web page.

I am running the session from a terminal plugged directly into the Centos 7 server.

I hope that clarifies the set-up.

Thank you for your prompt follow-up.


Hey @sjlebas,

Definitely need clarification here:

What does this mean?

Tell me exactly how you’re starting the debug session. Preferably in step by step point form. If you are pressing F5 to start a debug session then it doesn’t make sense that you’re not hitting breakpoints.

Ah sorry - just hitting the ‘Play’ button - ‘Start or continue debugging’…

Basically - step by step…
I open the Komodo project that was created
put break point on a line of code
Press Play button.
Window pops-up re. Script arguments (there are non) so just hit OK.
Software runs but does not stop at break point

I know I must be doing something a bit silly - I just can’t quite figure out what :expressionless: - and as you suggest - all stuff on forums relates to remote debugging.
I have used debuggers and emulators over the years for systems from embedded C software to using Komodo on a Java Script project a few years back… so I am not a newby to debugger/emulators…

…just new to debugging PHP on Komodo… - so I will be missing something :slight_smile:

…I put the break point on the first executable line of code, which is a printf() to the console… the console window simply show the code executing to completion without stopping at he break point.

To make sure that I was executing the correct source code, I made a quick edit to the script - in the line that contained the break point. The script ran to completion, display the altered text in the printf() statement - but again failed to stop at the break point…

…so I am a little confused… but guessing there must be something wrong with my set-up…

Weeeeird. Thanks for the added details. Sounds like I better take this for a spin and make sure things work as expect for me. Will report back.

…time passes…

Hrm, I have bad news. Did you notice any error output when running the debugger? I’m seeing error output from Xdebug itself. It looks, as with PHP 8, with this latest version of Xdebug there are breaking changes that seems to breaks the integration with the Komodo debugger. I’m not sure when and if there will be time put aside to address this.

Komodo appears to currently only support debugging PHP < 8.

Apologies for not having a better or helpful answer.

  • Carey

Hi Carey,

Thanks for the clarification.

No, I did not notice any error output when running debugger…

…does xdebug write to an error log…? I could not immediately find logs for xdebug…

…however in the short term - looks like I am out of luck debugging PHP 8.

Thanks for all of your assistance and timely responses.


I just installed Komodo IDE on same computer that I already have Komodo Edit on.

Local PHP debugger works fine with Komodo Edit, but when I point to the same exe with Komodo IDE I am getting the “Falied to Configure for local PHP Debugging” error.


Unless your issue is identical to @sjlebas, do not highjack their thread. Please start a new thread.

Also, Komodo Edit doesn’t have debugging so this statement isn’t true. Please clarify in the new thread you open.

  • Carey