Cannot right click and 'Run to Cursor' in debug mode

Couple of small issues while running :

Komodo IDE, version 9.1.0, build 87337, platform linux-x86_64. Built on Fri May 29 20:48:54 2015.

Whilst debugging PHP I first found I cannot use Shift-F10 to run to cursor - I get the standard Right Click menu.

I have to use Ctrl-Shift-F10 despite setting the key binding.

Next, it would make sense to have a menu option for ‘Run to Cursor’ if you right click in debug mode. Much easier then to click the line, and then right click, Run to…

Also I note a lot of the keyboard shortcuts are missing from the menus in v9 (the debug menu has none at all for instance). Is there any way to show them ? A few are there but most are missing and I need reminding until I have learned them.

Thanks for a great product.

B. Rgds

Shift+F10 should not even be a keybind, we should remove that as depending on the OS it will be overridden by OS level behaviour.

The unified menu has some issues with updating itself atm, we’ll be fixing this in 9.2. Until then you can use the Alt menu (hold your alt key).

Ok thanks. Will check.

The ‘run to cursor’ would be handy. I often tend to move to the line I want, click, and then get frustrated I have to then let go of the mouse to do a two handed shortcut.

This often hapoens when you want to jump a chunk of code but don’t have a break point set.

If I remember you could do this in Eclipse so it’s a bit frustating !

B. Rgds

I am using OSX. There is no ALT key. When I select ‘Run to Cursor’ from the menu, the interpreter runs to the end of the python file. Please consider this a bug report.

It sounds like you may need to set up file mapping. Try seeing if breakpoints work.

For us to consider this a bug report please report it on the bug tracker:

It does not sound like a bug though, merely a configuration issue. Please start a new thread so we’re not confusing 2 different problems.