Cannot query items in lower right pane

For some reason, maybe my own error, I can no longer query variables in the lower right pane when debugging PERL code. I used to be able to type in a varible or expression, e.g. $x, and its value would be printed. Now nothing. I can type the variable in, but nothing is ever printed. Maybe I changed something in settings without realizing it, but I have been unable to get this to work.

Hi, are you in the “Watch” window? There are usually “Watch”, “Locals”, “Globals”, etc. windows available during debugging. Perhaps you toggled one of them by mistake.

No, I know about the windows you mentioned. I am talking about the pane to the right of the window you are referring to, the one with Output, Call Stack, and HTML tabs. In the Output tab I used to be able to type in an expression and it would be evaluated. Now that no longer works. I can type in a valid variable, but its value is not displayed.

Oh, sorry for my confusion. You need to be in “Inspect” mode. Either select “Debug > Inspect” from the menu or click on the “>_” button on the bottom toolbar of the bottom pane (right-most button after the play, pause, stop, etc. buttons).

That was it. Thanks

How can I set this as a default? As it is now, I have to go to the menu and select Inspect over and over again.

There is no way to set this as the default. Inspect mode “pauses” the debugger and you would not be able to step over/in/out/etc. while inspect mode is active.