Calling threads->new crashes script at

Using the latest stable release of perl, 5.20.1, I’m debugging a program that runs fine until it tries to spawn a new thread.

Calling threads->new() causes the error “Modification of a read-only value attempted at /Applications/Komodo IDE line 4380.” This line of code is “$stack[-1] = $single;” which doesn’t mean much to me.

I set the interpreter argument “-dt” with no luck, and I’ve also set PERL5DB_THREADED=1 environment variable with no luck.

Anyone seen this issue before and resolved it?

Just found that if I downgrade from perl-5.20.1 to perl-5.16.3, it works fine. Somewhere between 5.16.3 and 5.20.1, debugging threaded scripts (at least the one I’m trying to debug) breaks.

Confirmed and filed bug for it.

Thanks for letting us know @firegoat.

  • Carey