Call tip not showing up for projects using Typescript and Angular 2

I am using Komodo X IDE. I recently started learning Typscript and Angular 2 by following the quick start tutorial and tour of heroes guide. I have noticed a few things that are not working and am wondering what can be done to fix them.

I created the folders and files from a template downloaded form github and then created the komodo project folder in that directory. I have noticed the call tips do not work anymore. I can hit ctrl+space to auto complete key words such as import and from, sometimes, but the call tip does not pop up. Now, in other projects that I have started the call tip functions as expected.

What do I need to do to set Komodo X IDE up to achieve the best results when developing web apps using Angular 2 and Typescript?

Hi, thanks for posting. I’ll need some more information to figure out what is going on:

What template did you download from github? Is it code in this template that the calltips are not working for?
What kind of file does calltips stop working on? JavaScript? AngularJS? Typescript?
When you say the calltip works for other projects, is it the same function? Or just calltips in general?

Any extra steps to help me reproduce this would be greatly appreciated.


It seems to be mostly with the Typescipt files, here is an example file. I can type “imp” and hit ctl+space and it will auto complete the word but no call tip pops up. When I try to add code to the export class AppComponent, such as function I get nothing. Ctl+Space does not work and no call tip pops up.

import {Component} from "angular2/core";

     selector: "my-app",
     template: "<div>Hello Orthomerica</div>"
 export class AppComponent  {

I do get call tip pop ups in the js files that the typescript compiles too. Also I do not see any code intelligence happening for Angular2, but I do not believe Komodo has support for that at the moment.

Here is a link to get the file structure that I am working with. This is set up to run on an existing server, such as IIS or apache, and assuming that you have a typescript compiler installed globally. Which brings up another question is there a way to include a typescript compiler with Komodo.

Last question is there any type of phone support for Komodo. The company I work for purchased and commerical license to the software and by boss has mentioned that I should get someone on the phone if I need help getting things set up.

I have included a screen shot if it helps to show the setup up for a typescript file.

Awesome. Thanks for the detailed reply.

We currently do not have code intelligence for Typescript. What you are seeing is just keyword autocompletion. That is why you’re not seeing more intelligent completions nor calltips.

We may include typescript with Komodo if it’s advantageous for us in the future. Thanks for bringing your case to our attention.

We do not offer phone support, but if you purchased a support & upgrades subscription with Komodo X, you can get dedicated e-mail support.

I understand what you are saying in regards to typescript and the code completion, but is there not away to get code completion/ call tip pops up for normal javascript syntax in a typescript file?

No, sadly our codeintelligence does not recognize JavaScript in a TypeScript file :frowning: The only way it might work is if you temporarily change the filetype to JavaScript from TypeScript.