Autocomplete works only after a while

autocompletion seems to be working only after a couple of minutes after i reopen a project. is this because it has to reindex files every time i open a project? if so, is there at least a progress bar on whether is the komodo reindexing the files? because right now i can only keep retyping something until it starts giving me suggestions and only guess when is that gonna be

also, would it be possible to show the code hints only after i hit ctrl space instead of having offering it to me automatically? or re-open the suggestion list? the standard ctrl-space seems to be doing nothing

Yes Komodo needs to re-index your project after switching to it. This will take some time for a large project. I don’t think Komodo estimates how far along it is.

The shortcut for showing codeintel hints is Ctrl+J, not Ctrl+Space.

thanks for the reply! it would still help if there at least were some kind of “ajax loader” to see that it’s still reindexing the project

you know, like or something

It should be at right bottom of the window, but there’s a bug with this animation:

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