Associate .jsp files in Komodo Edit

i cannor use .jsp file in Komodo Edit… how i can associate??


You can set this up under Preferences > File Associations.

there is no .jsp… :frowning:

That’s Java Server Pages right? We might not have syntax highlighting for that :frowning:

Are you asking to associate the .jsp extension or are you asking us to support jsp files?

To associate you need to select whatever language you wish to associate jsp with and then manually enter *.jsp.

To request language support please elaborate your original question :slight_smile:

i need to use jsp language in html file now…
ok ok i can create file .html and put inside <% %> but is not same… i have no help for use jsp…
uffff :frowning:

no i cannot… i need to create .jsp file for use that!! :frowning:

We do not have syntax highlighting for Java Server Pages. I’ve logged an enhancement request:

It’s very low priority though, and there will be no “help” in terms of any sort of code intelligence.

I would recommend simply associating .jsp to HTML files.

Note we are not a Java IDE. We are unlikely to ever offer any sort of in-depth Java integrations or put any focus on its derivative languages.

i want help like php use… more or less

As nathanr said, that will not happen. We’d only provide syntax highlighting for JSP.

ok… to sum up

can repat how i can associate JSP file please? i am lost :slight_smile:

If I look at the wiki pages it’s looks to me like html with template tags ( <% %> ):

<p>Counting to three:</p>
<% for (int i=1; i<4; i++) { %>
    <p>This number is <%= i %>.</p>
<% } %>

<%@ page import="java.util.*" %>
<%@ page contentType="text/xml" %>
<%@ page isErrorPage=false %>

<jsp:include page="gemeenschappelijk.jsp" >
<jsp:param name="extraParameter" value="eenWaarde" />


If you want to associate it with html, you can do this by adding you’re own patern like this:

It will now reconize you’re .jsp file as html5.

ok now i will do!!!

is possible contrary? one file .jsp reconize html part? without any any kind of help! because i know that is not possible

I do not understand your question. Please re-phrase it.

i need to works wjth .jsp file… i need those file reconize html at least… and i kn ow that is not useful for “JSP” in itself

If all you want is .jsp to at least show HTML tags and such, then follow babobski’s instructions to associate .jsp with HTML5. Obviously the JSP tags will not highlight properly, but you’ve already acknowledged that.

You could associate JSP with the EJS Language to get syntax highlighting. I think that’s a closer approximation than HTML. Not to detract from the effort put in by @babobski; good thinking Bob.

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mmmmm how i can find @babobski’s instructions???

Here: Associate .jsp files in Komodo Edit