Apperance is 'screwed' up


I just tried to use the ‘Sublime’ theme, but did not like it so I changed back to classic.
Even after that Komodo looked funny, so then I removed the Sublime package

and now Komodo is totally screwed up - not even a ‘reset back to default’ button is offered

Please forgive me, but this is V9 of the IDE, and it is unbelievably unstable

I totally regret

Hi, sorry to hear of your problems. Komodo 9.3.2 has a reset button if you can do the upgrade. Otherwise, make a backup of your ~/.komodoide directory and then delete it. You will lose all preferences, themes, etc., even from previous versions of Komodo (that’s why you’re making the backup). When you restart Komodo, it will be in its default state.

I do have v 9.3.2, but in the ‘Preference’ dialog I cannot see any reset button

The reset button is under Help > Troubleshooting > Reset Everything.

Sorry, as I said, the whole display was ‘screwed’ up - I had to delete all settings and go back to default

I’m pretty sure I can reproduce it

Simply try to pull in some themes and delete them again

Very easy to reproduce for me at least. Download any skin (Sublime for example), then select it, restart Komodo, remove skin, restart Komodo again. The whole interface will be screwed up, and the only one way to fix it is remove the css cache from profile folder.