Adding XML scheme for autocompletion

Hi there,

i am trying for a while now to get a TYPO3 Fluid xml scheme running in Komdo IDE (9) for autocompletion. I didn’t get that to work. There must be an easy way to “teach komodo” for autocompletion, huh? this is the scheme. When i save that as .xml file and try to add in Preferences -> Languages -> XML Catalogs it doesn’t work.

How can i add autocompletion for TYPO3 Fluid?

Thanks and geetings,

Hi, Komodo does not understand xml schema files, but rather catalogs ( See for more information along with links to Komodo’s internal catalogs for reference.

Thanks! But i do not get that to work. I’ve converted the XML scheme to a dtd file. But have non clue how to integrate this dtd file via the xml catalog file correctly that it will work with standard HTML pages.

Seem like i got it working as .rng file. But why closes Komodo the autocomplete window when i type a colon :? The Fluid View Elements are like <f:format.crop ...>. How can i autocomplete elements with colons?

Hi, if your catalog is functioning properly, you should get “f:format.crop” et. al. in the autocomplete list when you type an opening <. It sounds like your catalog is not quite working yet.

For example, when I go to File > New > File from Template > Web > XSLT Stylesheet, navigate to inside the root tag and type <, I get “xsl:attribute-set”, “xsl:decimal-format”, etc. I can start typing “xsl:” and still retain the completion list.

I got it working now. I had to remove the : from a clp_stop_char list in some of the Komodo files.