Abbreviations general shortcuts not working


My custom general abbreviations are not working with shortcuts.

I have to specify a language in the snippet properties, under “Pick a language”.

But I want my snippets to work for any language.

It was working before. I’m using komodo ide 10.2.

Is it a bug ? Can I fix that ?



Set the language to “Text” and you’re good to go.

I’m sorry, it IS not working.

For example, if I’m in an html document, and I try to enter an “text” abbreviation using a shortcut, it won’t work.

How can I set the abbreviation shortcut to work whatever type file type ?

Ah by shortcut do you mean you’re typing the name of the snippet and pressing eg. TAB? I thought you meant using Keybindings.

It does appear that this does not work atm, I’ve filed a bug here:

I mean keybinding.

“ctrl-t” = expand the abbreviation.

I need to specificy the document type. If not, I get “abbreviation not found” when I try to expand the abbreviation using “ctrl-t”.