Abbreviation Error After Any Word

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I recently installed Komodo 12.0.1 on Windows 10 version 21H1. An error pops up on the bottom after I type any word in a file.

“No ‘word’ abbreviation was found.”

This behavior occurs regardless of whether the file is a text file or a source code file.
See the attached image.

I posted in the ActiveState Forum ( and was guided to read the following thread (How do I use abbreviations?) and use this forum if I had further questions. In that thread, I learned how to shut off auto-abbreviation inside Preferences. That removed the errors for me.

My question now is, once I have shut them off, this shuts them off everywhere and I no longer get abbreviations filled in as I type. Is there any way to get abbreviations as I type while at the same time not get the error after every word? (Basically, keep them on, but remove the errors).

Finally, as a small quality-of-life idea, may I suggest changing default behavior of the program away from the error spam? For a new user like me it is somewhat unsettling and intimidating to open up the IDE to a screen full of errors.



Thanks for posting.

The notification spam must be because you’ve added space as a trigger for abbreviations (Edit menu > Preferences > Editing > Smart Editing > Auto-Abbreviations) . Having said that, that warning msg isn’t helpful for much other than debugging.

Normally you could disable those notifications through Edit menu > Preferences > Notifications, de-select tools for warning messages but that doesn’t seem to be working.

The warnings are benign and can be ignored.

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Hi Carey,

Thanks for the tips! I’ll ignore the errors for now :slight_smile:

I did a bit more exploring with disabling warning messages: It doesn’t seem to be limited to tools. Even after un-checking every box at every level on that page, the messages still appear. Also, when I hit Ctrl-S, a codeintel message “Scan Finished” also continues to appear (despite the box being unchecked). However, Find and Replace notifications disappear once the boxes are unchecked, so it seems like something wacky is going on in that Preferences tab.