Komodo Edit - Macro: Sort open tabs by full path

A Macro script for Komodo Edit to Sort all open tabs by file's full path.

How to use: Download or copy-paste the js file, change it's extension to '.komodotool' and then put it in your Komodo/.../tools/ folder. After starting or restarting your Komodo Edit/IDE, it should appear under Toolbox Panel ( View -> Tabs & Sidebars -> Toolbox ). From there you can setup keyboard shortcuts and other properties by right-clicking on a macro and choosing 'Properties'.

Previous versions can be found here: https://github.com/AtmanActive/Komodo.

They contain the functionality that's already incorporated into Komodo Edit/IDE, namely Sort Tabs by Name, and Sort Tabs by Extension then Name, but can be used for educational purposes.

Forum thread that lead to this: https://community.activestate.com/forum/sorting-tabs

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