Komodo Macro JSEval

Evaluates JavaScript code and inserts output back into the editor or geckos console. Is useful not only for the JS development, but also has generic advantages:

  • In-editor calculator

    javascript // select expression, e.g 1024 * .3 // hit hotkey, and you'll get result 307.2

  • In-editor helper tool. E.g. you want to find out the charcode of the letter A. No need to google it, just use the Javascript:

    javascript // type expression 'A'.charCodeAt(0) // select and press the hotkey: 65

  • Moreover, you get the full power of the Javascript: Variables, Functions, etc:

    ```javascript var json = { a: 'Foo', b: 'Baz' }; Object.keys(json);

    // select block, press hotkey, get the result: ["a", "b"] ```

Contains also some snippets: - Existential operator

var a = baz?.foo?.qux

// place cursor after `qux`, press the hotkey and macro will match the pattern and will transform the expression into:
var a = baz && baz.foo && baz.foo.qux
  • Default value setter

    ```javascript foo!.baz

    // place cursor after baz, press the hotkey and macro transform the expression into: foo.baz || (foo.baz = ) ```

  • Function creation

    ```javascript (a, b)

    // place cursor after b, press the hotkey and get: function (a, b) { } ```

  • to be continue

Use gecko console

Any code which contains console.log will use geckos console


Default hotkey (windows): Ctrl+Alt+Enter

(c) MIT

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