Generate a popup contains items with file/folder name

Plained fixes:

  • Folder with spaces are not work (display only first word).
  • When you trying to press enter to insert path - after path creates tab or 4 spaces. (not checked on another PC, maybe useronly bug)

Build history:

  • 10000 - first release
  • 10001 - fix for "if folder is empty - tooltip will be generated but without any items."
  • 10002 - fix for "in some times path cut not correctly. (math error)"
  • 10010 - add method to remove all characters after last "/" in path string (e.g. if in folder /var/www/ exists folder "coolfolder" and you type /var/www/cool - tooltip will not be generated, but after build 10010 "cool" will be removed and tooltip will be generated)

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