This skin is to be considered an alpha, you WILL run into issues if you use this, they may be minor, they may be big. IF you run into issues please report them.

This skin is intended to replace 90% of the base CSS in Komodo with something very bare basic and simple that can then be extended upon. The main purpose of this skin is to simplify the CSS in Komodo, the actual look and feel is secondary and is currently using other skins as a point of reference.

This skin allows you to use your own colors, as well as use color themes provided by other users.


Roadmap (not implemented yet)

  • Color according to color scheme
  • Test, fix, test, polish, test, test ... test


Please note that though the project is in its early stages and therefore the code is not as clean as it ought to be, any contributions should strive to be as clean and tidy as possible given the current structure of the project. I'll gladly review PR's that strive to organize the codebase, I'm waiting for the project to take shape before I do that myself.



koext build --unjarred

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