NOTE: there are a lot of differences between the source code of the release and the source code in this repository. This code isn't the source code of the latest release, don't try to build a XPI from the source, it hasn't been tested (and won't be). It's just a reference to how the localization should looks to prevent UI bugs and crashes in Komodo. The repo will never contain the source code of the latest release.


Проект по переводу редактора Komodo Edit и Komodo IDE


  • Laborpago - перевод интерфейса Komodo Edit и IDE
  • Defman21 - организация репозитория, перевод IDE
  • Naatan - организация исходного кода для Komodo 9

Сайты авторов:

  • Laborpago -
  • Defman21 -
  • Naatan -

Как собрать:

  • С помощью koext: koext build --unjarred


Add Russian translate for Komodo Edit and IDE


  • Laborpago - translate Komodo Edit and IDE
  • Defman21 - organize repository, translate IDE
  • Naatan - organize source code for Komodo 9

Author's websites:

  • Laborpago -
  • Defman21 -
  • Naatan -

How to build:

  • Build it with koext: koext build --unjarred

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