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Provides R language support and interface between R environment and Komodo.

This extension forked from “Sciviews-K” by Philippe Grosjean, and since then has been largely rewritten.

This add-on provides a file type named “R_extended” to avoid conflict with Komodo's built-in R syntax highlighter. Code completion and syntax checking works only with “R_extended” not “R“.


  • Connect to “R” session from Komodo
  • Execution of R code from within editor:
    • output from R is shown in the Command Output pane
    • execute (or source) the current line or selection, bookmark-delimited block, function at cursor, or a whole file.
  • Syntax highlighting:
    • R language including Roxygen tags
    • R documentation (.Rd files, partially implemented.)
    • Rmarkdown (.Rmd files, partially implemented.)
  • Syntax checking
  • Code completion (objects, argument names, list items)
  • R object browser pane
  • Toolbar with commonly used commands
  • R help window
  • R package manager
  • R working directory can be changed from Places pane (in the context menu)

No additional R packages are required, however your R installation needs to have Tcl capability (R: capabilities("tcltk")). See also Known issues below.

Main API functions

  • in Komodo: sv.r.eval and sv.r.evalAsync JavaScript functions execute a command in R and return the output.
  • in R: koCmd executes a JavaScript command in Komodo and returns the result if any.

Some other, obscure features:

  • Places panel:
    • load workspace from “.RData” files or source script from “.R” files: select a command from the context menu.
  • R browser:
    • drag an item to the editor to insert R objects' names,
      • hold "Shift" key during the drag start to drop quoted names,
      • hold "Ctrl" key during the drag start to drop full object names (e.g. list$data$column. Non-syntactic names will be backtick-quoted).
      • hold both to insert “name()” for functions, “name=” for function arguments.
  • R search path box:
    • drop a package name onto it to load the package;
    • press "delete" to unload the selected package;
    • drag an item to the editor to insert package name.
  • R help window:
    • press Ctrl+R to run selected text as R code (or choose command from the context menu).
  • R language help (Shift+F1 while in an R_extended document):
    • the selected keyword is searched for in the loaded packages. If nothing is found, press Shift+F1 again to search in all packages.
  • The R tools toolbox has some more or less useful commands:
    • R markdown preview;
    • Insert result of the selected text evaluated in R;
    • Color picker (inserts hex code to the text);
    • Duplicate line or selection (assign to e.g. Ctrl+D to restore the good old pre-8 behaviour).
    • Smart highlight” marks all occurences of the word under the cursor in the current document.

Debugging R code

The extension provides some code debugging capabilities, see Debugging R code.

Known issues:

  • Output from R is displayed in the command output pane only at the end of operation (real-time command output will be introduced in version 0.4)
  • Calculation can be interrupted only in R window (Ctrl+C in R terminal, Escape key in RGui)
  • Executing Rgui's command “Stop all computations” will also stop R's socket server and hence break the connection with Komodo. It may also cause R crash (it happens sometimes on Windows).
  • On Linux, Tk-Gui sometimes does not close properly. It is not recommended to use it with this add-on.
  • Problems with connection with Komodo server in R may cause R not exit properly and need to kill the R process (it happens rarely - perhaps a Windows-specific problem).
  • If something went wrong and Komodo shows R is running when it is not, run “R: check connection” macro in “R Tools” toolbox.
  • Connection timeout on longer operations: a prompt is shown as if the calculation in R has finished and no output is shown. (version < 0.4)
  • R object browser is refreshed manually (click sidebar's refresh button) Automatic refreshing may become an option in future.
  • Syntax highlighting: when R is a sub-language (in Rd or Rmarkdown files), the colouring dissappears occassionally. There is also some flickering inside Roxygen comments. This seems to be related to brace counting in UDL (bug in Komodo).

Hacks for classic Windows styling in Komodo Edit

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