This is a KomodoEdit extension for syntax-highlighting Objective-C++ files.

To install the extension, open "objectivecpp-1.0.0-ko.xpi" with Komodo Edit.
Alternatively, you can rebuild the .xpi file from these sources by cd'ing
to the top-level directory (the one containing this README) and running

    $MOZPYTHON_PATH/mozpython $KOEXT_PATH/koext build

On OS X, mozpython lives in
and koext lives in

Once you install this extension, KomodoEdit will treat files as Objective-C++
if they have an .mm extension. (Eventually I will figure out how to add the
.M, .hh, and .h extensions.) The keyword list includes those keywords that
were newly added in C++11, such as "decltype" and "thread_local".

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