This is an extension to provide Maya Embedded Language (MEL) scripting support to Komodo.


This extension provides features such as: * defines the "Mel" language * maps ".mel" files to the Mel language * syntax highlighting (coloring) * basic codeintel completions for variables, built-in functions and keywords * smart brace indenting * commenting/uncommenting support for "//" * code intelligence API catalog for Maya (thanks to JTilden)


You can use Komodo's "Tools > Add-ons" dialog to install the add-on, since the add-on is published on the Komodo community extension list:


Komodo's koext sdk tool can be used to perform the udl->lexres conversion and also wrap the extension into a distributable xpi file: $ koext build

The "mel-mainlex.udl" luddite file is used to generate the "Mel.lexres" file that will be used by Komodo once the extension is installed.

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