These keybindings mimmic those of Sublime Text, giving you a smooth transition into Komodo.

Note that these keybindings should be considered as a "beta" for the time being, it is bound to be missing some bindings so please report them if you encounter any.


  • .sublime-keymap

Missing Commands

Before anyone starts yelling X is better than Y - there are similarly Komodo features missing from Sublime, it's not like this is an established standard).

  • Show scope in status bar
  • Revert to single view (remove split but keep editor)
  • Choose the orient of the split through the keybind
  • Select line (repeat to select next line(s))
  • delete from cursor to end of line
  • delete from cursor to start of line
  • keybind to toggle comment on current line
  • keybind to toggle comment region (not just comment or un-comment)
  • Soft Undo/Redo
  • Paste and indent correctly
  • Goto word in current file
  • Go to (and select to) start/end of buffer
  • Go to next/prev buffer (we have this but currently cannot be modified)
  • Insert new line is currently bugged - is basically an enter keypress
  • Split selection into lines (multi-caret)
  • Expand Selection (and variants)
  • Command to toggle macro recording (right now they are 2 separate commands)

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