• Sublime Keybindings

    Mimmics the Sublime Text keybindings in Komodo for a smooth transition

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  • Keybinding Support

    This PHP program will convert Komodo's "keybindings by category" HTML-output-dump-pagefile into an HTML page listing "keybindings by key". It will highlight keybindings that conflict with each-other. It can also compare and contrast different keybinding schemes. It can also include a "groomed" version of the original "keybindings by category" tables with the keys dressed nice to read them, again showing conflicting keys and comparing/contrasting different schemes. When the groomed category tables are included, page display options include one full page, side-by-side, or top-over-bottom stacked. There is also a navigation menu with quick-click to each key, and if included, category tables.

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