Tatu diff is a advanced diff viewer,
it allows to view various diffs side by side.

The main features of Tatu Diff are:

  • Compare with clipboard
  • Compare with file on disk
  • Compare files


Compare with clipboard

Compare current buffer, with clipboard content.
This function allows you to easily compare the content of you're clipboard, with the buffer of you're current file.
This allows you to easily compare between files.

Compare with file on disk

Compare the buffer of the current file, with the file on disk.
This allows you to compare the changes you made in the buffer, with the current file.

Diff files

This will open a popup that will allow you to select two different files for comparison.
It allows you to pick remote or local files.


When you have the Diff window open, there are some shortcuts you can use.

  • Esc Close the window
  • Scroll to the next diff
  • Scroll to the previous diff
  • Shift + mouse click Select multiple lines
  • Ctrl + c or for mac users + c Copy selected lines from the left diff

Key bindings

For the Tatu diff are 3 key bindings available:

key bindings

Dynamic toolbar button

The actions for the Tatu Diff are also available as a dynamic toolbar button.

Dynamic toolbar button

In memorial of Tatu 2000 - 2018

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