FontAwesome Pane

This addon adds a Font Awesome right-sidebar to Komodo edit/ide you can easily add font awesome to your projects. Just click on the icon of your choice and the icon will be inserted.


1. Add cdn
This will insert the cdn //

2. Insert font family
font-family: 'FontAwsome';

3. Settings
This will open the settings dialog,
the settings are described below

4. Search function
Here you can search for your font awesome icon (without the fa-)


Auto: insert depending on file, on css,sass,scss,less files the escaped value is inserted.
This function will insert the html fontAwesome tag except when editing style-files (css, scss, sass, less) then the escaped value will be inserted. So you can use the fontAwsome icons in :before and :after (examples can be found here ).

Full: Insert tag with class
This will insert the tag <i class="fa fa-icon"></i>

Class: Insert only the class name
This will only insert the class fa fa-icon

CSS: Insert escaped css value
This will insert the escaped css value \f25b

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