Beautify JS

js beautify for komodo edit/ide.

This little beautifier will reformat/minify css, html and javascript.
Based on the the


  • Beautify (auto detect)
    Beautify HTML/CSS/javascript (this will be auto-detected).
    Selection or document
  • Beautify HTML
    Beautify HTML.
    Selection or document
  • Beautify CSS
    Beautify CSS.
    Selection or document
  • Beautify Javascript
    Beautify javascript.
    Selection or document
  • Minify HTML
    Minify HTML.
    Selection or document
  • Minify Javascript
    Minify javascript.
    Selection or document
  • Minify Javascript save as .min
    Minify javascript and save it as .min file.
  • Minify CSS
    Minify CSS.
    Selection or document
  • Minify CSS save as .min
    Minify CSS and save it as .min file.
  • Beautify Settings
    This will open the settings window.
    Selection or document


These option are availible under Tools > Beautify JS or in the context menu of the current file.

In Komodo Ide you also have a dynamic button and is Beautify JS added to the Code > Format menu.


Key Bindings

You can set up key bindings for all of the available beautify options.


Beautify/minify Options

The option panel, for controlling the beautify and minify options is accessible trough the addon screen.



You can use beautify js inside a userscript, below are a few example's how to set up such userscript.

```javascript // Auto detect (JS/HTML/CSS) if (extensions.beautifyjs) { extensions.beautifyjs.beautify(); } // HTML if (extensions.beautifyjs) { extensions.beautifyjs.beautify_HTML(); }

// CSS if (extensions.beautifyjs) { extensions.beautifyjs.beautify_CSS(); }

// Javascript if (extensions.beautifyjs) { extensions.beautifyjs.beautify_JS(); }

// Minify HTML if (extensions.beautifyjs) { extensions.beautifyjs.htmlMin(); }

// Minify Javascript if (extensions.beautifyjs) { extensions.beautifyjs.jsMin(); }

// Minify CSS if (extensions.beautifyjs) { extensions.beautifyjs.cssMin(); }

// Minify Javascript ans save it as .min if (extensions.beautifyjs) { extensions.beautifyjs.jsMinSave(); }

// Minify CSS ans save it as .min if (extensions.beautifyjs) { extensions.beautifyjs.cssMinSave(); }


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