Customize Komodo

Komodo is by far the most customizable IDE out there. It is built on top of the Mozilla framework, allowing it to be customized in nearly any way you wish.

Komodo is by far the most customizable IDE out there

Did you know?
Komodo is largely made up out of JavaScript, CSS and XUL (HTML for the Desktop).

Tools of the Trade

When customizing Komodo there are 4 tools that are must haves...

  • Komodo Extension Developer
    Use this tool to explore the internals of Komodo using the JS Shell and other tools contained in the addon.
  • DOM Inspector
    Explore the MarkUp of Komodo just like in any Browser site tool.
  • Element Inspector
    Pinpoint an element in the Komodo UI to see what it's doing. Just like inspect element in your browser. Trigger with Shift + Right click
  • Stylish
    Experiment with different CSS styles using this fast and easy addon. The addon is compatible with most Mozilla based Programs.


You can easily use any of the existing addons available through our site and through the Komodo package installer, or you can create your own ..

Create Your Own Addons

To create your own Addons all you really need is some basic knowledge in JavaScript. If you want to mess with some UI you'll need to know how XUL works, which is basically HTML for Desktop applications and won't take you long to wrap your head around.

Here are some links to get you started whilst we flesh out the documentation on our new website:

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Macros are essentially just JavaScript snippets that automate how you work with Komodo by utilising the Komodo API.

There are multiple ways to create macros. You can;

For more information about Macros and Userscripts and how they work, please check the documentation .

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Interested in contributing? You rock! There are several ways that you can help out the Komodo project.


Writing documentation is a big part of any software project. We plan to put a lot of focus on this with the new website. As it stands the documentation is still at it's old location, but we've already started moving the source to github.

To contribute to our documentation you can fork the komodo-documentation repository and start submitting pull requests .

Reporting Bugs

The most obvious way to help any software project is to report bugs.

If you really want to help out with this we'd encourage you to try our nightly builds and help us catch bugs early.

Solving Bugs

Want to get your hands dirty? You can search for open bugs on our Bug Tracker .

To be able to fix a bug you'll need to get your own build of Komodo Edit running, you can obtain the source and instructions from our GitHub repository .

To avoid working on a bug that is already being worked on by someone else, please express your intend in the bug report before starting.

Implementing Features

Just like with bugs, you can search our Bug Tracker for open Enhancement requests.

If you have your own idea for a feature that you would like to implement that you think should be part of the core Komodo experience, please file an enhancement request for it and express your intend to implement it.

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Need Help?

Got stuck somewhere? There are several ways to get into contact with the devs and the community: