Feature Ideas

Python Syntax Checking: Migrate from pep8 to pycodestyle (4)
Quickly Set the Project Script (4)
Userscript key binding assignment in Preferences (4)
Sort auto completions by hit count (1)
Debugging for userscripts (1)
Icon "skin" (3)
Pascal / Object Pascal / Free Pascal / Turbo Pascal / Delphi (1)
Find Usages function (3)
Double Click of application bar maximize/restore (OSX?) (7)
Komodo + Jedi for Python? (3)
Remote file search (4)
Editable blocks (5)
ANSI escape code support in Debug Output (1)
Toggle comment (4)
Recent Files order alphabetically by filename, or option to do so (5)
Automatically put spaces/quotes when completing tags/attributes (2)
Expand lists in User Interface (4)
Linked Templates (4)
Search (but not replace) in files in directories with no files open (13)
Windows Integration for context menu "Open" (3)
Pin to prevent accidental closing (5)
Bookmarks could include column position as well as line position (5)
"Replace" capability without automatic "find next" (3)
Remove nine buttons from center of Editor Pane (13)
Add Userstyle Tool (5)
Add check boxes to View > Tabs & Sidebars menu (6)
Remove "Troubleshooting" and "Report a Bug" buttons (4)
Open files for a new session in a configurable default (1)
Sticky Find Bar (9)
Register the komodo:// protocol (16)