Beautify js

js beautify for komodo edit/ide.

This little beautifier will reformat css, html and javascript.
Based on the the


Goto to Tools -> Beautify js and select an option, or right-click on your file (context menu)

  • Beautify (auto detect)
    Beautify HTML/CSS/javascript (this will be auto-detected).
    Selection or document
  • Beautify HTML
    Beautify HTML.
    Selection or document
  • Beautify CSS
    Beautify CSS.
    Selection or document
  • Beautify Javascript
    Beautify javascript.
    Selection or document
  • Minify Javascript
    Minify javascript.
    Selection or document
  • Minify Javascript save as .min
    Minify javascript and save it as .min file.
  • Minify CSS
    Minify CSS.
    Selection or document
  • Minify CSS save as .min
    Minify CSS and save it as .min file.
  • Beautify Settings
    This will open the settings window.
    Selection or document

Ide only

Same menu is availible under code > format > beautify js


The option panel is accessible true the add on screen.

screenshot option panel

Key Bindings

You can set up key bindings for all of the available beautify options.
Preferences > Key Bindings > Beautify screenshot key bindings


You can use beautify js inside a userscript, below are a few example's how to set up such userscript.

```javascript // AUTO DETECT (JS/HTML/CSS) if (extensions.beautifyjs) { extensions.beautifyjs.beautify(); } // HTML if (extensions.beautifyjs) { extensions.beautifyjs.beautify_HTML(); }

// CSS if (extensions.beautifyjs) { extensions.beautifyjs.beautify_CSS(); }

// Javascript if (extensions.beautifyjs) { extensions.beautifyjs.beautify_JS(); }

// Minify Javascript if (extensions.beautifyjs) { extensions.beautifyjs.jsMin(); }

// Minify CSS if (extensions.beautifyjs) { extensions.beautifyjs.cssMin(); }

// Minify Javascript ans save it as .min if (extensions.beautifyjs) { extensions.beautifyjs.jsMinSave(); }

// Minify CSS ans save it as .min if (extensions.beautifyjs) { extensions.beautifyjs.cssMinSave(); }


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